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Hello, I am Isaac W. and I am addicted to books… a bookaholic… Hmm… a bibliophile. Anyway, I just received two new books and am very excited.

The first of these books is the English translation of Habitants and Merchants in Seventeenth Century Montreal by Louise Dechene. I have borrowed this book through Interlibrary loan for research before, but it is just too full of great information on life in New France to not own a copy. Dechene is a great quantitative historian and the demographic information that she covers in this book is fantastic!

The second book that I received is new to me but was suggested by an historian that I trust and respect. The title of this book is A Creole lexicon: architecture, landscape, people by Jay Dearborn Edwards and Nicolas Kariouk Pecquet du Bellay de Verton. This book is a massive dictionary (with PICTURES) of terms dealing with the Creole of the old Louisiane. A lot of this also applies to the French Creole regions of the Great Lakes. The amount of information in this tome is amazing and it will prove to be a great resource.

Now… to find more time to read!

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