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The Gardens Start

As of last night, the gardens are all tilled.   A number of the starts have been brought outside to start hardening off (tomatos, eggplant, tomatillos, tobacco, celery, and leeks). The horseradish I planted last year is coming back nicely (can be seen in the far garden in the top photo). I also started some of the planting. The historic corn and sunflowers are in.  This year is a Seneca White Flint corn year in my rotation of three types of corn.  I rotate them and don’t grow them at the same time in order to prevent cross-pollination.  Soup peas and garden peas are planted, as well as the radishes and potatoes.  Yellow onions and garlic were put in a few weeks ago and are coming up; I have yet to plant the red onions.  A lot more seed needs to go in as well as started plants, but it is a little early yet for them as the soil is still a little cool. Last night we had rain and it is supposed to rain all day today.  It should be the start of a good year of gardens and eating.


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