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A New Hen House Started

Well, I am currently constructing the new coop! It is not planned on being overly historic in construction but rather is an adaptation of/to what I have (a lot of old/recycled lumber) and the area that it is being built on while also keeping it from being an eyesore. Among the images is one of the locust stump and the bark peelings that remain from the making of the corner poles. These were set into the ground which will be unfloored and is very much on a slope. The rest of the framing is made from scrap treated lumber from tearing off and redoing the old front porch on our house.

Although I don’t have photos yet, I have also now added siding (old T-111 torn off our house that I kept for this project), a door (an old panelled door from the old farm house that I found in the garage rafters), fiberglass corrugated roofing (new), and windows (utility window purchased new). I am presently trying to finish the run and finish off the storage chest inside the coop that will store the grain and etc. I then plan on repainting and trimming out the coop to make it look a bit more presentable.

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