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Onions and Melons

The gardens have been progressing well and we have been enjoying the fruits of our labors.  Below is a photo of one of our Ailsa Craig onions.  We had a great crop of them this year (although I wish I had planted more).  It is hard to really see here, but the onion is about 6″ in diameter at its largest and is one of MANY like this.


Just last night I was looking through the canteloupe and saw one that looked close to ready.  As I somewhat expected, it was not as ripe as it could/should be, but I couldn’t resist trying the first melon of the year.  This year we are growingDelice de la Table, an old and nearly extinct French heirloom.  It looks pretty but tasted as if it needs a bit more ripening.  Hopefully the next ones will be sweeter or I will go back to Charentais or another variety.


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