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Winter is Here – l’hiver!!!

Well, winter is definately here. We have had a bit of snow now and in one 24 hour period we received 17 inches. We had the girls out the other day; playing, sledding, and making snow angels. Jolie, our dog, pulled Noelle a bit in her sled. It has been awhile since Jolie has worn her modern pulka harness and she was not quite sure about it all. I NEED to get out and work with her.

On another note, the chickens seem to be doing well with the weather. The laying hens are starting to come out of the moult and are laying more and more. Also, the pullets are starting to lay and we are getting a few eggs a day; from both the Barred Rocks and the Dorkings. We are still not producing as much as I would like for our own needs, say nothing of eggs for sale. Hopefully a few more weeks and production will be back up to speed.

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