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Fun With Verdigris pt. II

After a month of time (more or less) the vinegar and copper solution isn’t a strong enough concentration of copper/verdigris to stain the wood. Luckily, I tried another experiment putting copper strips in a sealed jar with some red wine vinegar that was seperate from the copper (a shot glass within the jar). It quickly made some verdigris.

I then applied multiple coats to the pipe stem. It wasn’t a “paint” and didn’t cover the stem, but rather it “stained” the stem. Were I to have used an egg or hide-glue medium, it would have been more of a paint. The end result was basically what I wanted… for now… maybe I will go with a heavier paint yet… we will see. I think the vinegar solution I will attempt to dye some bird and porcupine quills with it.

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