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Sharp pointy things

When actually DOING this history that some of us love (or are obsessed with), there comes a real need for a functional knife. I love sharp pointy things of all sorts, but nothing is better than a historically correct knife that is simply functional. Nothing fancy, beautiful, or flashy… simply a tool that works.

Anyway, this past summer my wife was willing to knit a tuque for Rich Worthington in order that I could get a British era trade knife from him for me. Rich has been researching these knives extensively and has started to reproduce some. I got a medium sized knife from him based on examples dug here in Wisconsin. This knife is a very common British era trade knife and was what was referred to sometimes as a “red-handled scalper” due to the red wood handle (in this case Camwood, a tropical hardwood).

Since receiving this knife, I have skinned and butchered two deer and a bear as well as skinned a few beaver tails. I have NEVER used a knife that worked as well as this one for these jobs (and I grew up butchering 4 head of beef a year as well as deer and etc.). Like the originals, this knife is very thin and actually reminds me, in terms of flex, of a filet knife. It has an amazingly sharp edge, and it holds its edge well.

Besides the above knife, I also have a smaller British trade knife from Randy Wolf that I have used and abused for 10 years with MUCH satisfaction as well as a number of French era knives made by Ken Hamilton. Ken makes the most correct French era knives available and the “flatin” folding knife I have from him (“rehandled” in antler) is one of my all-time favorites. I used to own two different Randy Wolf folding French knives as well; but, like was common historically, I lost them (hopefully they are not found and thought to be originals!).


5 Responses to “Sharp pointy things”

  1. John says:

    I am trying to find out if Ken Hamilton is still alive and making knives. I love his knives but I have not been able to find “Contact” information for him

  2. Billy says:

    John, Ken is very much alive and well. If you have not found him yet — email me. I have his contact info. Billy

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