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Grand Portage Film Shoot

On Jan. 11th, what may be the final shoot for the new park film took place.   Grand Portage National Monument is currently working with Great Divide Films to make and produce a new film for the National Monument.  The film will show the history of the fur trade and the Ojibwe people at Grand Portage.  Shoots have been taking place in all seasons to show the yearly cycle of an Ojibwe family at Grand Portage and on Tues. the 11th, they shot scenes of winter travel, beaver hunting, and a en derouine trading seen at the Ojibwe village. I have been indirectly involved in the other shoots by providing costuming, props, and a small amount of advice; but for this shoot I was a part of the film.  I portrayed a wintering clerk that travelled to the village to trade.  I and two of my voyageurs came into the village with a cariole (type of dog sled) pulled by four dogs where I then proceeded to greet and give gifts to the local Ojibwe headman.  The dogs belonged to seasonal park ranger, outdoorsmen, and dog musher Erik Simula who I worked with during my 4 years at Grand Portage National Monument. It was a fun time and worth the 12-13 hours I drove that day (up at 3:30am and home at 12:30am) to do it.  Following are some photos taken during the shoot (Courtesy of Berit Allison and GRPO).

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