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Chicken Terrorists

Well in the past week we have lost what is left of our laying flock.  After four years of having chickens and never having had problems with wild animal predators; a mink has visited and terrorized us.  The first night of his visit, he killed four hens.  I closed things up better at night and set things up to figure out what was coming in.  I figured out it was a mink and started planning on how to deal with him.  After almost a week, he returned and found a new way into the coop and finished off the last three birds.  I borrowed some traps from a student and planned my revenge.  The revenge was successful, and now I am needing to tan a mink hide for a new pipe/tobacco bag.  I am also planning out the getting of a few new adult birds from a friend and hope to get some eggs in the mail today from a friend out east that I will be incubating.  ARGGHH!!!! Dang, mink!

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