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Birch Bark

Well, I needed some birch bark and figured it would be fun to take my daughters out to harvest some bark. We had a little time before swimming lessons so we headed to the woods. In short time we found a nice tree and took two sheets of bark from it. I would have normally taken it as one piece, but with time constraints, tired children and knowing that I was only making small baskets (makakoons), I decided that a 2’x4′ and a 3′ x4′ piece was fine as opposed to one big 5’x4’er. Here are some photos from the girls’ adventure.

2 Responses to “Birch Bark”

  1. Art Sitter says:

    Isaac, Do you have a pattern for the makakoons. Are they the same as the Mukogs?

    • Isaac says:

      I do not have a pattern and just make them to the tops/bottoms I carve. I could maybe do a blog on a how-to for those interested. I will add it to the to-do list.

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