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Summer ending, ovens, and daughters

Summer is almost done and I am back to school, working (and where I have internet access). This has been a busy summer with a lot of projects. A couple of the more fun moments were taking my daughters to their first complete reenactment (where they camped out and everything). We attended the “Yellow River Echoes” at Forts Folles Avoines in Danbury, WI where the girls had a blast.   Noelle aslo came with to Grand Portage National Monument and had a great time.


Another positive note is that my formal herb garden and bake oven is a step closer to being done. Last year I put in the raised beds and herbs as well as started the “cobble stone” pavers. This year I finished the pavers and have almost finished the oven. The base is built from part of an old barn foundation from a farm down the road. In the photos below I have finished the main part of the oven and have a drying fire going in it. I have since put an insulating layer of clay over top and now just have to finish “plaster” the outside, build the door, and finish the roof-structure that will protect the whole thing. I then have to put in the boxwood hedge around the garden and I should be about done… by the end of summer… hopefully!!

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