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Another type of mocassin

For something different and to try something new (and because someone requested these), I tried a new pattern of moccasin. These are a style that is present here in the Western Great Lakes and seems to be somewhat common to the north and further west. This style is seen in some historical images of the 19th century and in a few extant moccasins in museums and collections. Likely these date even earlier. A prehistoric pair were even found in a cave in Utah. Where and how this style developed is conjectural, but it is an interesting “hybrid” of center-seam and “big vamp pucker” moccasins.

2 Responses to “Another type of mocassin”

  1. Lou says:

    Do you have the pattern you used for theses? Does the seam curve under the tie line? I have been trying to make a pair but can’t find a pattern and have been struggling with the center seam potion or I get a really pointy toe. Thanks for your thoughts.

    • Isaac says:

      I did not have a pattern other than measuring my foot and following the methods of construction seen in the images in the slideshow. I find that I get a rather pointy toe when using the Densmore method, but the one from the AMNH with the slight puckering on the center seam creates a less pointy toe

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