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Grand Portage Rendezvous

Summer is nearly over and there are a number of things that I am itching to blog about, but for the first new posting… I would like to share some images of us at the Great Carrying Place – Grand Portage.

Unfortunately, I did not write the correct date on the calendar for the Madeline Island event that I was contracted to attend and that I LOVE. Due to this, we missed the event (a blessing in disguise as our oldest daughter ended up having a fever of 102-104 the entire weekend and this way we were home with her). Because we did not go to Madeline, our family decided to all make the trip to Grand Portage.

It is hard to explain or say much about my former place of employment so I will simply share some photos. Thanks to all that took them!!

I decided to help out with the “Partners’ Meeting.” This was the first scripted “drama” I have done in over a decade… a bit out of my comfort zone, but it went well. Big props to Jeremy Kingsbury for putting this together and creating a rather cool script.

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