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A New Capot…coming soon

I have a LARGE blanket I got recently from Jim Kimpel with a nice dark indigo stripe at each end. I am soon going to be cutting into it to make a new capot to replace my new one I made last year and now sold off this summer. I am aiming for a typical blanket capot of the 1790s+. I have been looking through a lot of images of capots from 1780-1860 and decided to share some of these images now instead of waiting until I finish the capot.

These images are from a variety of sources and if you have questions, feel free to email me. I am going to attempt to insert them in a larger size so that they can be right-clicked and opened in a new tab for bigger view. Hopefully this is not too large for your computer. These images are FULL of COOL details on a lot of topics, but I am posting them at this point for the capots. I tried to pick mainly capots of white cloth or blankets, with focus on blankets.

Some things to notice. The stripe on the body is always around the bottom. Stripes frequently appear on the arms, sometimes on the cuff area but most often near the shoulder. A surprising number of these seem to have trim/welting on the seams of a different color. Both red and blue seem common for this. I also find interest in the collars seen on many of these, especially later ones… but also on some slightly earlier capots. Collars are on hoodless and hooded capot. There are documents mentioning collars fairly early as well.

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