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Spring, supposedly…

Spring, supposedly…

It is an interesting spring we are having.  Temps have been very low and precipitation has been high (and ranging from snow to freezing rain and back).  I had no spring beaver trap-line since weather was cold enough that there was still ice on the rivers and creeks when season ended.  Meanwhile, the sap has been running a bit, and maple sugaring has been a bit better than trapping at least.

I woke up this morning seeing grass and went down the hill where my father-in-law was already starting the fire to boil off for our third time this year.  It was a bit before 7am and there was a little snow on the air.  Before long, snow was covering the ground.  We had a total of about 3″ or so, and before finishing, the snow turned to freezing rain.

With more weird weather coming and the trees starting to bud, we decided to pull all our taps and buckets.  We ended the year with 7 gal. of finished sap.  That should last us the year with extra in case of a bad year next spring!

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