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Tattoos and another JOTEA article

Tattoos and another JOTEA article

Just an FYI to those that follow my website and blog…  I recently updated my research and projects page.  It now includes the latest version of my slideshow on tattoos in the fur trade.  I also added an MS Word file that has notes that accompany these slides.

On another note, I recently submitted another article to the Journal of the Early Americas.  This article is a vamped up version of my blog posting on stone pipe usage by canadiens.    It is bigger, it is better, and it references more scholarly works now too.

For those not currently subscribing to the Journal of the Early Americas, I implore you to do so.  It is a great magazine with some excellent research articles dealing with the history we love.  There are too few magazines like this and we need to support it with our subscriptions!

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