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Bison Robe

Bison Robe

My bison hide recently returned from the tanner.  Being frugal and knowing that this hide would see a lot of time on the ground and abuse, I had troubles justifying having it brain tanned.  I also knew that my time to tan it was limited (I have not the time for much other than the basic needs lately) and that this was a big job to take on for my skills.  I opted to send it to Moyle’s Mink and Tannery.  They did a smashing job.  The robe ended up being appr. 7×7 feet and weighs less than 11 pounds.  It is very soft and supple,  and it rolls up to a roll the size of my double 3 pt. Rob Stone.

I decided to do a small amount of painting on it just because I think it deserved it (the hide and the bison it came from).  After thinking on it A LOT, I decided to go with a simple multi-tiered “warbonnet” or sunburst design.  I liked the somewhat more “western” look to it and think it plays well into what I generally do here in the western Great Lakes with the fur trade.  I also see it in some Rindisbacher images from not TOO far away and a Catlin image of One-Eye Decorah, whose villages were within 30 mi. of my house.  For the painting, I used hide glue as my medium and for pigments used soot, real vermilion, and verdigris.

Now to break it in!

One Response to “Bison Robe”

  1. James says:

    Very well done painting! Should keep you warm in camp on cold nights.


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