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Summer catch up.

Summer catch up.

Well, it has been far too long since I have blogged.  This tends to be common for me in Summer.  I get too busy and internet here at home is slow, at best.  Anyway, I am going to make an attempt to catch up a bit and highlight some of what I have been up to.  Maybe, if I get some time, I will try to post something more historically research based soon as well.

First, we started the summer early this year as the school year had been shifted a month ahead, due to a major construction project with the building.  Because of this, we took a family trip to Puerto Rico.  This was not necessarily historically focused at all, but we did enjoy seeing and learning a little of the Spanish colonial history and culture there as well as much, much more.

Since returning from Puerto Rico; I have planted gardens, built a new pergola/arbor for outside sitting, and have now started a variety of historic projects.   I finally made a new shirt out of some of the great new checked linen fabric that Wm. Booth, Draper is having made.  I am now working on sewing new historic clothes for the growing children.  I made up a pair of moccasins for Jim K. who will be wearing them while dancing at the PowWow in Grand Portage, MN this summer.  I received a trunk from David Lepley who built it for me on a trade.  I was lacking hinges and a lock for it, but a friend from out east came to the rescue with a set of original (1785-1810) truck hardware.  I just inlet the lock and added the hinges.  Also, Hilary decided that she would like to weave a rabbit skin blanket at Madeline Island this summer.  The neighbor butchered a bunch of rabbits and I got busy fleshing, cutting, and drying strips of hide for weaving.  Likely a blog will be coming eventually on these blankets, historically and today. I also harvested a bunch of willow for Hilary to weave.  We have much more going on as well, but it is escaping my brain, and I can blog more later…


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