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Madeline Island 2014

Madeline Island 2014

Once again, Hilary and I went to Madeline Island for the Madeline Island Historical Museum’s Fur Trade weekend.   This year, however, we brought with our daughters.  Madeline Island is a wonderful place with an amazing history and we very much enjoy visiting every year.  It is also a neat little educational gig that a few of us get to help the museum out with.

The musuem itself is a great little museum with a large new area that was built a bit over 10 years ago.  The other half of the museum is made of old log buildings from the 19th century including one that was a warehouse from the old 1830s American Fur Co. trading post.  The girls played a lot, made corn husk dolls, learned to roll basswood bark (wiigob) into rope, and did a ton more.  Meanwhile, I talked about the hunting and trapping of furs and general life of a winterer; and Hilary did some knitting and worked on a rabbit skin blanket.  I could say a ton more (especially about the history of Madeline Island… really, you should check it out, Google it, or read a book or 3 on it), but I will just let the photos do the talking…



4 Responses to “Madeline Island 2014”

  1. Isaac, I’m glad you had a happy and safe time at Madeleine Island. I have a question. What size of blanket do I need to make a French Capote and how many? I’m 46″ in the chest and 38″ waist. I found Black Blanketing by inserting It’s truly amazing what showed up! Cordially, Robb

    • Isaac says:

      For a proper, tailored capot, it generally takes me a large (queen to king sized) blanket or 2 of the 4 pt. size. Also, capots were not always made of blanket. A good heavy wool fabric is also very acceptable for a capot.

  2. Marlene says:

    very nice pictures,one of this years need to go over there and see the museum and when everyone is there

  3. l. struble sr. says:

    Interesting pictures etc. looks like your family had a good time!
    a little note
    my grandfather mixed blood chippawa lived on the island untill they were moved to bayfield resv.

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