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Taking a break

Taking a break

It seems odd to being doing this, but I am taking a break from reenacting the 18th and early 19th century.  Other than maybe an event or two for the kids to attend (they LOVE this and I love that they do this), I will be attending little to nothing of public events.  For a variety of reasons, I need a break from it.   I will definitely still be indulging my inner history nerd, but I plan on doing this on my terms here at home, in the woods, and away from others.  I will be focusing on other activities and projects for awhile.  I need to spend more time in the gardens, the woods, hunting, trapping, etc.  I also want to play with some other history projects that  I have grown interested in experimenting with that do not fit what I have been typically reenacting.  Some of these outdoor pursuits will be equipped in 18th century gear, some in earlier gear, some in later gear, and some… well… however I want to do it.

With being on this break, I may occasionally blog on things that I feel are worthy of being here on the French in Wisconsin blog, but overall; the postings are likely to slow down.  If things are not happening here on the web, do not fear.  I am still around and keeping busy!  If anyone needs anything in the meanwhile; shoot me a message.  I will also still frequent the usual message boards, FaceBook pages, listservs, etc., even if not overly active or talkative.

7 Responses to “Taking a break”

  1. james oestreich says:

    Isaac you-all take care now you hear and do what you have to do and the good lord will-en and the river don’t rise will see you down the road JTO.

  2. Mike says:

    After seeing a so called good reenactment this past weekend , I might be doing the same? Glad I only saw the pictorial evidence, as I might of wound up in the local newspaper as a wanted person?

  3. Bob Miller says:

    Aside from a couple of events, one which is more a gathering of friends than a public event; I pretty much am in the same boat. I am lucky enough, living where I do, to be able to incorporate
    my 18th C passions into my everyday life. Hunt with flintlock firearms; raise our own chickens, turkeys, grow much of our own veggies etc. Frankly, we get to live much of what many reenactors play at. I wear 18th C clothing in the woods because it works. Duck season opens on Saturday, and I will be out with my fowling piece. In 5 weeks , deer season will open.
    With a bear in the freezer, I’m concentrating on firewood now. Life is good.
    I wish you and your family all the best, Isaac. You will gain much from this “time off” and undoubtedly return with new hard earned knowledge when the time is right. Enjoy the Fall .

    • Isaac says:

      Yes, thanks Bob!! This is much how I feel. I enjoy “living” the history more than “playing” it for the weekend in a crowded tent city. We also raise chickens, have gardens, eat mainly wildgame, etc. We certainly are not in the bush like you, nor are we off the grid; but we like to do as much as we can. This is what my break will be… hunting, fishing, trapping, gardens, playing here in history.

  4. Jeff Hartley says:

    Good for you Isaac! Your posts will be missed by many no doubt, but breaks are just as important. Hope to see you again on the Trail sometime, take care.

  5. Hello, Mr. Walters! I see your spending more time with your children and teaching, as a Blessing. It is refreshing to the soul to be “out there” in Wilderness. I used to get lost in the Quebec Wilderness. It’s lonely but you pull from deep inside and have an appreciation for solitude. We’ll miss your contributions however, “Bon Chance”! On another note, who made your French Canadian Axe… the one with the light colored handle?

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