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New headwear, playing with some ideas

New headwear, playing with some ideas

I am still kicking.  Although I have been focusing more of my life on other items lately, I have not fully abandoned the history I love or this website.  To prove this, I will post this little blog on something I have been messing with lately.

As many of you know, I am fond of my Scottish heritage and have an interest in Scottish connections to the fur trade.  In a past post, I gave some information on the use of Scots Bonnets by folks here in North America, especially those in the fur trade.  Looking at some of the images of natives and Metis wearing these, I have enjoyed seeing some of the addition of feathers, etc.  to the bonnets.  This is not uniquely an American Indian tradition, as Scots often had hackles, feathers, etc. on their caps in Scotland.  Knowing this, I decided to “pimp up” an “unusable” prototype of a hummel bonnet that Hilary had knit.

So… I have this prototype hummel that turned out too tall.  I decided I could shorten it with stitches and then hide the “seam” with some beading.  I then added a couple feathers, similar to those seen in some historical images.  Just for good measure (perhaps going overboard) I added a “tassel” with some tin cones and deer hair (I may quill-wrap those thongs yet).  Anyway, it makes for a rather handsome bonnet, and I when I wear it, I have an urge to go running buffalo with a trade gun in hand. 

4 Responses to “New headwear, playing with some ideas”

  1. Bob Miller says:

    Having been born in Manitoba, I too at times have the urge to run buffalo with a trade gun in hand. But, then, I remember the last time I was on a horse….and the urge goes away !!!!

  2. Duane Harshaw says:

    I like it..

  3. Richard DeBow says:

    Thanks for the update and sharing your new bonnet. My question is- what about the Glengarry style of Scottish headwear. Was that used in your timeframe?

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