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Odd Stuff

Odd Stuff

As I have been doing more and more that is not really pertaining to the “French in Wisconsin,” I have decided to add a new blog category.  I am simply going to call it “Odd Stuff.”  It will consist of various other unusual projects in my continuing life and culture.  Some of it may be medieval recreation, some may be my interests in Scottish and Highland culture, some may involve my new attempts at learning bagpipes, modern hunting, and some may even be on what we are doing around the home.  I hope you all enjoy the new category!

3 Responses to “Odd Stuff”

  1. Bob Miller says:

    Thanks for the note, Isaac. What you call ” odd stuff” is still interesting…perhaps appropriately titled “back to basics”
    For your records…our e-mail address has changed.

    • Isaac says:

      Thanks, Bob! I think “Odd Stuff” will suffice as it might be a posting on just about anything. I figure, many folks are not on FaceBook, etc., and I would like to be able to share out some of the other crazy stuff I do. I have also noticed that a fair bit of what I have posted on my historic blog are not necessarily the history that the site is about.

  2. Snapper says:

    I continue to look forward to what you share. Best of luck with the bagpipes. I’m still not sure my family has forgiven me for my attempt to master them. I hope your experience will go more smoothly than mine!

    Until next time…be well.

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