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Selling off some items

I am selling off some items that I have not used in years and wish to convert that cash into other “toys.”  I am posting here on my blog to get the info out to as many people as possible with hopes that someone can get good use of this.  For the items below in the condition and quality that they are in, this is a STEAL!!!

Companies Franche de la Marine sergeant uniform. Breeches and vest 100% hand sewn using proper 18th century tailoring techniques. The veste is lined with wool as it should be. This was to be a sergeant’s uniform and has REAL gilded buttons on the veste. Justeacorp was never put together and will come as a “kit.” A pieces are cut out and ready to go. It is set to be fully lined, has all the GILDED buttons and has real gold lacing for the brandebourgs. Breeches are about a size 34″ and the veste and justeacorp is size 40″ chest. I am adding in a proper cocked hat with gold trim, gilded button, and gold silk cord. I am also adding a sergeant’s belt with the “zig zag” stitching, a horn powder flask, and a handmade 1730s cartridge box. The cost of this set is less than the materials in it. Lot for $800

If you are interested.  Please shoot me an email.

Break down for individual prices.
-veste 200 (over $100 of buttons alone
-breeches 150
-Hat 100
-Justaucorps kit 175 (buttons alone are over $150)
-Cartridge box 150
-Belt $100
-Pulverin with harness $175
$1,050 of stuff (at reasonable prices) or in a lot for $800

5 Responses to “Selling off some items”

  1. Anthony Bertolino says:

    If you don’t mind me asking,what are the new toys you are hoping to acquire with sale of your French Marine kit? I ask this in case me or someone else has something on your list that you would want to trade for.

  2. Greg Fekner says:


    Did you sell your French marine kit?

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