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Tailoring Challenge… Highland wear.

Tailoring Challenge… Highland wear.

I recently completed the biggest tailoring and sewing challenge that I have faced to date.  It came in the form of a tailored and fully canvased tweed jacket.  For a long time, I have admired some of the vintage styles of kilt jackets that once existed but are not commercially available today.  Some of these are seen on hunters and gamekeepers (ghillies).  This coming fall, I would like to do some shooting in vintage, kilted style and decided it was time to create a jacket for wearing like this.  Looking at vintage photos, military jackets, modern shooting tweeds, and a jacket worn by Billy Connelly in the movie “Mrs. Brown”  (Connelly portrayed famous royal ghillie John Brown), I started sketching ideas.  Once these ideas were set, I drafted my pattern and cut into some vintage Harris tweed that I received from an online auction.  I made the jacket fitted, tight, fully canvased (with hand pad-stitching), gave it ample/useable pockets, made a padded shoulder for shooting, created a gusseted underarm and back for arm movement, and finally applied real staghorn buttons from Scotland.  Overall, I am very pleased for my first attempt at such a crazy project!  It will be a great jacket for this coming fall.

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  1. Matthew says:

    Isaac. Sorry for the placement of this comment but I wasn’t sure how else to get in touch with you. I simply ask if you have much in the way of resources and research for clothing of Creole women. My wife is interested in a Creole persona and I thought of you when she showed that interest.
    Your research here has helped me a ton as I want to start moving towards a French-Canadian persona to go along with my wife’s persona.


  2. I really like this pattern. King George the Fifth wore this Harris Tweed Jacket Pattern on many occasions while wing shooting Highland Grouse at Balmoral Estates in Scotland. Prince Charles carries on the tradition. This type of jacket is very comfortable and cooling. It is difficult to find a Commercial type anywhere. I believe you might be the first person to tailor this type in a Century! Thankyou. Looks very nice. Cordially, R. Walker

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