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First Piping Gig

First Piping Gig

Back in May, I had my first paid bagpiping gig… and it was historic, of course.  The Chippewa Falls Historical Society puts on a little historical even every year and this year I was honored to be asked to play bagpipes for it.  On Friday of the event, I spent the day with 4th graders from around the area.  I played pipes and talked about the Scottish history of the NorthWest Company.  On Sat. I talked to the general public and played more.   I have never played bagpipes so much in such a short period of time.  

For the event, I wore the new fèileadh beag that I had recently made with a other items of my clothing and smithing creation including my new dirk and bagpipe banner.  It created a very nice look and affect.  The only drawback to the entire set up was that I was playing a set of 1950s bagpipes that are not 100% correct to the 18th century, especially with the catalin mounts.

Anyway, here are some photos of the event…

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