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A talk given

A talk given

I had the privilege to be the guest speaker for a meeting of the Friends of Interstate Park. It was a fun evening and things went well in spite of a horrible cold. It was also sort of odd dressing in my historical clothing but with a beard (hopefully the authenticity police will excuse me as I am typically clean shaven for such things). 

I will be giving a similar talk for the Oshkosh Public Museum on the 21st. of this month.  Come and check it out!


2 Responses to “A talk given”

  1. Dear Mr. Walters, Thank you for instructing people about their Early Heritage. I’m sure it was a nice evening for everyone!

  2. Dear Mr. Walters, I’m sure your talk was conducted with a great deal of enthusiasm. Teaching Living History is the best way to educate people about our ancestors and their lifestyles. Thank you for your research.

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