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An Early Harquebus

An Early Harquebus

A bit over a year ago I saw a small harquebus posted online by Nick Barber.  He had just built it and I was in love with the gun.   I once had a matchlock and used it for a number of hunts successfully but sold it off for lack of use.  The desire for another matchlock, and better yet… one that fit closer to my current medieval hunting madness, seemed the perfect challenge.

I was able to get a small barrel and chunk of maple that already had the barrel partially inlet from my buddy Jai Mather.  The barrel had been machined by my old friend Blake Armson and I was excited to have a barrel he had done.  I then back-burnered the project until I had time to forge out the rest of my parts and work down the stock to my desired shape.

I am happy to say that I finally finished the hackbut, hakenbüchse, arquebus, harquebus… cool little gun. I learned a few new skills while making it and had a lot of fun.  It shoots great, and hopefully it will take some game yet this year.

To go with it, I rebuilt an old belt pouch for shot and quickly put together a simple, plain powderhorn.  The powderhorn was made from a horn for a Red Devon heritage breed steer that was raised by a former coworker and friend of mine.



3 Responses to “An Early Harquebus”

  1. Paul C. Daiute says:

    As always I marvel at your adventures in the various pathways of history. Your resourcefulness is an inspiration to me.
    Regards, P.C.D.

  2. Paul C. Daiute says:

    Offered as a suggestion, keep both ends of the match alight and keep the bitter end of the unused end of the match captured between the fore and middle fingers of the left hand.

  3. Anthony Bertolino says:

    Did you make your own match? If not where did you purchase your match at? Recently purchased a Kit Ravenshear matchlock but haven`t shot it yet.

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