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14th century warm

14th century warm

I finally got around to finishing a new winter coat for my 14th century hunting.  Last year, while bowhunting in subzero temps (-20F and colder), I decided that a nice heavy coat would be good to have.

Looking at some images, I decided to have T&R Quednau Weaving make some fabric for me.  It turned out wonderfully and I am pleased to use it for this project.  The handwoven check fabric is what I used for the coat, I lined it with dense tan wool fabric, and I trimmed it with beaver fur.

The coat is now finished up and the temps outside are below 0F.  I do not think I will be doing any bowhunting in the next few days (the last of the season), but I should be ready for any other 14th century outings that need a warm coat.

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