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Selling my fusil

Selling my fusil

I am, somewhat sadly, selling my fusil.  It was built by Jai Mather. It has a 20 gauge, 44” Colerain barrel and Davis lock (stamped A TVLLE) that have been rebuilt to more correctly match originals. The stock is walnut and hand scraped (no sandpaper hit it). This was built to be a working canadien’s tool and be plain Jane.

I have used it for a few re-enactments but mostly for hunting. It is a SWEET shooting gun and has taken a variety of small game as well as deer, turkey, a black bear, and a bison. Modern solvents and cleaners have never hit it and it has been maintained with bear grease, sweet oil, and sometimes bear grease with a little beeswax.

I am not interested in trades as I need the cash, but for those that follow my website, I am offering it at $1,850 plus shipping (I have it posted elsewhere for $2,000).  Feel free to email me for information or serious inquiries.

2 Responses to “Selling my fusil”

  1. Paul C. Daiute says:

    Call 207 441 9016 in regards to your fusil.

  2. Bob Miller says:

    That is a very nice,, and appropriate fusil. I hope that you have a firelock in reserve to see you through the Fall hunting season. I’ve been in the same position myself and usually regretted selling , however life goes on.

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