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Bending Wood

Bending Wood

I have been bending a bunch wood this last week.  This started with a project making a new head-bow for a cradleboard (dikinaagan) for a friend.  Having leftover hickory, I decided to bend up a few lacrosse sticks (bagaadawaan).  It has been a very long time since I had made sticks, and my hatred of making them was well formed in my days of bending ash for sticks up at Grand Portage.  Living a little further south, I cut hickory for my projects.  Wow… Working green hickory has changed my feelings about making sticks.  With things going well, I went to the woods and cut another small tree.  I now have the head-bow done and eleven sticks roughed out.


3 Responses to “Bending Wood”

  1. Same is true with cutting and bending green chokecherry for cherry stone hammers. Just takes a second to pop out and bend.

    • Billy Maxwell says:

      The doc. film “Happy People” has two great sections on making skies from pine. Selecting the right tree, wedges, thinning, bending with hot water using a form, and tempering the wood with fire. Simple great stuff.

  2. John Powers says:

    Ike –
    Can’t wait to play with those sticks at GP!!

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