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Kid time in the woods

Kid time in the woods

The other day, as I left to bowhunt, Lily (our youngest daughter) became sad and cried that she could not go with.  I explained how it would be too difficult, but I promised to take her out scouting for spots on a different day.  Of course, this means going out in historic fashion as I was dressed historically for my bowhunt.  As I mentioned in a past post, this year I am hunting in the 10th century.  Anyway, today I took Noelle and Lily out for some fun in the woods and a little scouting.

The girls do not have 10th century clothing so they sported what they could put together of their ca. 1800 clothing, and I kitted out in the 10th century.   The girls brought their bows and did some stump shooting as we walked, and I simply brought an axe to clear out some spots and trails if needed.  We brought a little “picnic” lunch with us and had a nice little noontime in the woods.  Our meal consisted of barley bread made in the clay oven, apples, cheese, and bear sausages.



3 Responses to “Kid time in the woods”

  1. paul says:

    I hope you continue to blog about your adventures whether or not they are fur trade related. People like you can be the spark that may light the fire for someone else. And what a better person than someone who strives so hard for accuracy in what you do. Rock on!

  2. Fun stuff and good to see fellow dads doing things with their daughters! Just did an overnighter with my girls at Fort Union. They did awesome. I bet your girls had a great time.

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