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Projects… Scottish history

Although the title of my blog refers to mainly the French history of Wisconsin that typically reenact, it is no secret that I dabble with other parts of history.  For the past 5+ years I have been focusing on the fur trade of the NorthWest Co.  The owners, partners, and some of the workers of this company were Highland Scots.  Although I normally portray a lowly canadien worker, I occasionally (and planning on more) portray a clerk or wintering partner.  Although these men rarely if ever wore Highland dress, there are some interesting bits and pieces of Highland culture that certainly do make there way into the company.  Jeremy Kingsbury has done some great research on piping and pipers of the company as well as on some of the Scottish roots and cultural elements.  All of this, a historic portrait of one of the McGillivrays in full Highland dress, and my overall love of my own Scottish roots has had me wanting to create some 1790s highland dress, even if not for public reenactment.  Shown in the images below is some of the madness I have created with a couple images of my inspiration.  I perhaps will do a bit more of a historical research blog posting later on this that will include more historical images.

5 Responses to “Projects… Scottish history”

  1. Tony Bertolino says:

    What’s in the glass, a good single malt scotch I hope.

  2. Tony Bertolino says:

    In the 1830’s Osborne Russell buys a Scottish cap at Fort Hall ,any thoughts on what that might be?

  3. Tony Bertolino says:

    I forgot about that post,thanks. Oh by the way that’s a b#%chin’ coat!

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