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First Successful Medieval Hunt

First Successful Medieval Hunt


September 26th, 2016- Trempealeau County, WI

Today I had my first successful (in terms of getting game) medieval hunt.  I was set up with the clothing and equipment of a 14th century forester and was using my homemade crossbow.  I was out in a fine spot that I have scouted and where I have found a lot of deer sign. My plan was to hunt deer, but this is not quite what happened.  

About an hour before dark, I heard movement coming up one of the deer trails.  As it came through the brush, I noticed it was not a deer but a coyote. I had my crossbow leveled and as he stepped into the open, I took a shot at just shy of 20 yards. The quarrel passed completely through, and I could see it lying on the ground, red with blood.  I knew it had been a good shot, and the quarrel was a good sign.  

I waited until near dark, hoping for a deer to come but knowing the scent of the coyote would not help. I then started the long process of trailing the coyote.  It did not leave much blood, and he ran off at high speed.  On scant to almost no blood, I slowly trailed it, at times on hands and knees, about 80 yards.  I found him lying on a trail where he had died on the run.

Our coyote population is back on the rise, which is somewhat concerning.  I like coyotes and love hearing them at night, but they can devastate the populations of the animals they prey upon when unchecked.  With a population that has been a bit more under control lately, we have been seeing rabbits, fox, etc. again.  I would like to see it remain this way.  This is one step towards maintaining that balance.


2 Responses to “First Successful Medieval Hunt”

  1. Paul C. Daiute says:

    From the 17th and 18th Century, I am so sorry we have lost you.
    Good hunt in our past!
    From the futures past, Paul

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