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Hammer While it is Hot!

Hammer While it is Hot!


I have wanted to get a forge up and running for a very long time.  My biggest hold off has been the fact that I have not had a great spot to have and locate it permanently.  Now that we finally have the shed built, I now have a spot for a forge.

Not so long story even shorter… the forge is now done and running.  I have had a chance to mess around a bit, and have made a small, early medieval knife blade (that now needs a handle) and a couple of fire steels, one of which has been promised to my little fire starting champion.


4 Responses to “Hammer While it is Hot!”

  1. Paul C. Daiute says:

    Good luck with your forge. Very exciting. Think about coming to the NE and spending a couple of days with Jeff Miller. Jeff does do custom courses for folks who are interested in the trade.
    I admire your dynamic efforts in the interpretation of history. Once again I am sorry that we have lost you from the 17th and 18th centuries.

    • Isaac says:

      I would love to hang out with Jeff. I have enjoyed chatting with him the couple of times we have met. Unfortunately, the NE is quite far away!
      Meanwhile, I am not completely lost from the 17th and 18th centuries. I still dabble there and attend 1 or 2 events. I have become a bit more reclusive and spend more time at home and in the woods with my historical endeavors. Also, as you have noted, I have expanded that history to challenge my abilities, skills, and research.

  2. Kirsten Martin says:

    Great read. I am from Wisconsin but I moved to Quebec in my 20s and lived there for 15 years. Now I’m back in Wisconsin since 2010. I miss Quebec so much! I much prefer Québecois French to the Standard French. It’s still hard not to use “joual”.

    I was lucky to visit many places while living there and camp quite a bit. My conjoint (common-law spouse) was québécois so lots of exposure to the québécois culture. Beautiful province with a vibrant (and turbulent) history.

    Back to read more of your blog!


  3. Kirsten Martin says:

    One more thing, my (ex) conjoint’s family’s ancestral home still stands. Wasnt burned even though it is on the Chemin des Patriots. The owner graciously gave us a tour about 20 years ago.I’d never seen construction that didn’t use nails before. They have strict rules for people who purchase the heritage homes. He said it hadn’t been that long since they were allowed to switch from ox blood to red paint for the roofs!

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